Rediscovering The Veldt’s Afrodisiac Album by Michael A. Gonzales #SleptOnSoul

Twin brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis, who co-founded their rock band the Veldt in 1987, have shared their varied musical tastes since they were kids dwelling in North Carolina. Raised in Apollo Heights, a subdivision located in Raleigh, both boys sang in a Baptist church choir before becoming wayward teenagers in the early ‘80s.

The Veldt – The Shocking Fuzz Of Your Electric Fur Review

Shoegaze stalwarts The Veldt have been taking the long road to recognition. They’ve been kicking around since the 90s but new releases, a stack of gigs and the new age of psychedelia may finally put a spot light on their stylings. Their new EP The Shocking Fuzz Of Electric Fur sounds, to these ears, like the perfect marriage of shoegaze and trip hop.

Legendary Alternative Soul Shoegazers The Veldt Kick-Off European Tour In Support Of EP ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’

This will be the first official tour of mainland Europe for The Veldt in promotion of their new EP ‘The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur’. During the Italian leg of the tour, they will tour with Rome-based three-piece WEIRD., who number among the leading shoegaze artist from southern Europe with support from Lady Sometimes Records. Highlights of this tour include the Reverence Valada Festival, Liverpool Psych Festival, and GataFest Sweden.

The Veldt Gets Political


The Veldt’s Danny Chavis Talks To Stereo Embers

It’s good to have The Veldt back.

Falling somewhere between The Sound and My Bloody Valentine, The Veldt play moody and inspired post-punk that coats some of the catchiest songs you’ll ever hear in layers of fuzz-drenched brilliance.

Two Decades in the Making: An Interview With The Veldt

With the recurrent emergence of 90’s shoegaze bands, The Veldt is a band that stands apart from the pack. Formed in the late 80’s, The Veldt combined elements of reverb with soul and funk, creating a sonic pathway that was truly their own. They fast gained notoriety working with the likes of Robin Guthrie and playing venues with The Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. However, the major record labels at the time attempted to mold them into something easily accessible and mainstream, so The Veldt yet again went their own individual route and self-releasing their 2008 album, White Music for Black People. Jump forward to 2016, The Veldt have picked up where they left off, creating more luscious soundscapes and have steadily been gaining momentum.