With the recurrent emergence of 90’s shoegaze bands, The Veldt is a band that stands apart from the pack. Formed in the late 80’s, The Veldt combined elements of reverb with soul and funk, creating a sonic pathway that was truly their own. They fast gained notoriety working with the likes of Robin Guthrie and playing venues with The Cocteau Twins and My Bloody Valentine. However, the major record labels at the time attempted to mold them into something easily accessible and mainstream, so The Veldt yet again went their own individual route and self-releasing their 2008 album, White Music for Black People. Jump forward to 2016, The Veldt have picked up where they left off, creating more luscious soundscapes and have steadily been gaining momentum.
— http://anonmagazine.com/two-decades-in-the-making-an-interview-with-the-veldt/